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Slovak Eagle Coins Swoop In

Published March 21, 2024 | 2 min read

By Louis Golino

The Czech Mint has released the latest silver and gold bullion coins in its popular Slovak Eagle series aimed at the Slovak coin and bullion market. 

The country’s first bullion program, the Slovak Eagle series, began in 2017 and features low-mintage, high-purity silver and gold bullion coins. Each year, the mint chooses a new designer to sculpt the eagle design. In 2024 it selected acclaimed Slovak artist and bas-relief sculptor Miroslav Hric. According to Hric:

For several weeks, I was preparing variants for this design “on paper.” Dozens of sketches were created, from which we finally chose the final one, which is the form of today’s design. It was clear from the beginning that the eagle would be displayed in front of the background, our national symbol—High Tatras mountains. The more static drawing versions were finally replaced by the dynamic position of the eagle, which is hunting on the side of the High Tatras.

The Coins

The coins are legal tender for the Pacific Island nation of Niue and are denominated in New Zealand dollars. The mint produced 1-ounce silver and gold versions in four sizes. The 1-ounce, .999-fine silver coin has a diameter of 37mm, a weight of 31.1g, and a mintage of 10,000. The gold coins are .9999-fine, with the one-, half-, and quarter-ounce coins limited to 500 pieces. The mint will produce just 4,000 of the 1/25th-ounce gold coins. For more information, see the Czech Mint’s website (

The Artist

Since 2006, Hric has worked for various government and private mints in Europe. These include the Czech and Lithuanian Mints, Art Mint, and Le Grand Mint.

Hric studied sculpture and drawing at Bratislava’s Academy of Fine Arts and Design. His work has garnered eight awards, including a 2018 Moscow Coin Constellation award for his 2017 Celestial Bodies Sun coin and third place in the Japan Mint Competition in 2011.

Hric has this to say about his work:

I am an artist and craftsman who comes from a family connected for more than three generations with the preparation and creation of reliefs, medal making and coin design. My grandfather worked as an engraver at the Kremnica Mint, and my father was engaged in metalworking and sculpture. Currently, I and my older brother are the successors of this ancient (family) tradition.

What fascinates me the most about my work is the combination of ancient art and craft practices with modern technologies and constant changes in the field of creative industry, which minting undoubtedly is. Almost every year, many companies bring a brand new perspective and procedures/technologies that open a “new door” to the creative creation of medals and coins. For this reason, I greatly appreciate the companies that put their trust in me and offered me the possibility of cooperation.

Through years of my work, I have developed a way of implementing designs that offers me a large space not only for personal creativity and self-realization, but more importantly, for proper cooperation with professionals in our field. My work is both my greatest hobby and my mission to bring my personal legacy to the numismatic world.