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Notable News (February 27-March 4, 2024)

Published March 4, 2024 | 1 min read

By Darcie Graybill

This week’s headlines include credit card vs. cash usage, ANS Huntington Medal Award recipient, and design candidates for the U.S. Semiquincentennial coins.

According to Federal Reserve data, around 60 percent of all payments in the United States are made with debit or credit cards. Today, cash is the third-most used payment method by number of transactions.

Photo: Getty Images/Casper1774Studio

The American Numismatic Society (ANS) has named Dr. Ruth Pliego the 2023 Archer M. Huntington Medal Award for Excellence in Numismatic Scholarship recipient. The award will be presented on June 13, 2024, at the ANS headquarters in New York City.

Photo: American Numismatic Society

The U.S. Mint has released design candidates for the obverses of the 2026 Lincoln cent and Jefferson nickel Semiquincentennial coins. Proposed changes revolve around a combination of added dates and a privy mark.

Photo: U.S. Mint

Heritage Auctions is offering important documents from the Eric P. Newman Collection. The 97-lot auction features his research, unpublished articles, correspondence, handwritten notes, and other items. Bidding ends March 25.

Photo: Heritage Auctions

The Royal Mint has released limited-edition gold and silver coins honoring George Michael as part of its Music Legends collection. Several versions are available, including a colorized brilliant-uncirculated edition.

Photo: The Royal Mint