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James Bond Coins Are Back

Published November 29, 2023 | 2 min read

By Louis Golino

The first coin in the series shows Sean Connery’s James Bond flying Little Nellie in You Only Live Twice, the fifth film in the famous franchise. (Photo: Getty Images/PictureLake)

On November 15, the United Kingdom’s Royal Mint launched a seven-coin series of James Bond proof collector coins. One coin will be issued for each decade of the long-running and beloved film franchise. 

The first release celebrates the 1960s, the first decade of 007 movies when the series quickly occupied a prominent place in pop culture. Bond became a defining fictional character that decade and has remained iconic for the past 70 years.

Based on novels by former British naval intelligence officer Ian Fleming, the films began with Dr. No in 1962. The 25th Bond film, No Time to Die, which was the final one starring actor Daniel Craig, was released in 2021. The next actor to play Bond has not yet been announced.

Inaugural Issue

Designed by the Bison Bison agency, the reverse depicts Little Nellie, the autogiro James Bond flew in You Only Live Twice. The background consists of repeated inscriptions of the names of all the Bond movies, plus the famous 007 logo at the bottom. King Charles III’s effigy appears on the obverse.

The mint is offering a subscription for the entire series. This includes free shipping and a case to display the seven coins. It also struck the proofs in various sizes in silver and gold. Bullion versions are coming soon.

This is the mint’s second Bond series. The first was issued in 2020 and included a three-coin set offered in silver and gold with an integrated design and a special larger coin featuring Bond’s Aston Martin car. 

Bond remains enormously popular with moviegoers and is iconically British. The swarthy spy was also the subject of the “B” coins in the mint’s popular 2018-19 series, Quintessentially British A-Z. 

To purchase the first coin or subscribe to the series, visit the Royal Mint’s website.

(Update: On December 6, the mint announced it will release the second coin in the series, which honors the 1970s-era films, on December 11.)