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Douglas Winter Joins Coinfully as Chief Numismatic Advisor

Published November 20, 2023 | 2 min read

By Caleb Noel

Professional numismatist Douglas Winter has become a chief numismatic advisor for Coinfully. Run by Travis and Wyatt McDonald, the North Carolina-based company values and purchases coins using a simple online appraisal process. This allows them to keep overhead low, pay out more than traditional firms, and reach millions of collectors.

A collector since age 10, Winter began his career in numismatics at Heritage Auctions in 1982. He started his own company in 1985. Since then, Winter has specialized in buying and selling U.S. gold coins, becoming one of the foremost experts in his field. His primary expertise is in U.S. gold coins, particularly Charlotte, Dahlonega, and New Orleans gold, and pre-1834 U.S. gold. In his role, Winter will review coins and advise the brothers on an as-needed basis.

Winter’s history with the McDonald brothers began with his friendship with their mother, numismatist Debbie McDonald. She was involved with some of the most significant assemblages ever sold. This includes the Louis Eliasberg Collection, the Harry W. Bass, Jr. Collection, and the Norweb Collection.

“It’s been really fun for me to watch Travis and Wyatt grow from the early days,” says Winter. “They used to run around at coin shows when they were just boys, and they would clean the glass on my cases or get coffee for me. It’s been very gratifying to see them build their successful business. Coinfully gives a seller an opportunity to get a fair offer that wouldn’t be available to 90-plus percent of the prospective sellers in the coin market. They’re leveling the playing field for people and doing a very effective job.”

According to Coinfully Chief Executive Officer Travis McDonald, “Doug’s involvement with Coinfully is validation that what Wyatt and I have made to be our life’s work is on the right track. We have looked to Doug for many years for support and guidance on topics as diverse as ethics, numismatic attributions, and pricing. His wealth of knowledge is the best resource we could possibly have.”

Coinfully President Wyatt McDonald adds that the partnership will allow him and his brother to grow their skills and professional portfolio. “The guidance available to us from Doug running his own successful coin business for more than 40 years is something I’m very excited about.”